News 19 January 2020

News 12 January 2020

News published here is from church groups and members, and we might also include relevant information from the Birmingham area. If you have a notice or would like to advertise an event in Birmingham that you think is of interest to people who attend Sunday worship, please send it to for consideration. We do not guarantee that we will be able to include it but we will consider your request.

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Gathering Feedback in June 2019

During June 2019 we trialled 5 different layouts of the weekly news sheet and received feedback on which layout people preferred. The majority chose option 2, with option 4 second. We will print in colour on special occasions such as Christmas.

Image of Sunday 2 June 2019 newsImage of Sunday 9 June newsImage of Sunday 16 June news Image of Sunday 23 June newsImage of newssheet