Creative Worship

An authentic life is the most personal form of worship. Everyday life has become my prayer.

Worship comes in various shapes and sizes.  Here at Carrs Lane our flexible building allows us the opportunity to share in different, creative and alternative styles of worship.  Occasionally we change how we worship and we’re always willing to try something new.


Creative worship
Street Banquets

Held regularly at Carrs Lane, Street Banquets are shaped by the story of the Great Feast as told by Jesus.  A committed team of volunteers gets together to prepare – and share – a meal with members of the homeless community in the city centre, as well as other vulnerable members of society.

Worship – with a light touch! – forms a part of the event, and live music is always appreciated.  All are welcome to share in the Street Banquet, and we are always pleased to hear from potential volunteers, particularly those with a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate: please contact Revd Dr Neil Johnson. (Please right click on this link to copy and paste it into your own email provider’s “To” box)

Background and purpose of the work

In 2005 the Revd. Florence Gundala came to work in the Methodist Central Mission as the Urban Theologian in Residence.  During the nine months she served in that position, Florence explored the nature of the Street Community in Birmingham city centre, and produced The ByWAY Report of her findings and reflections.  The outcome of the challenges from The ByWAY Report was the establishment of the Birmingham Christian Homeless Forum and the start of the regular Street Banquets.

The whole basis of the Street Banquet is to found an occasional Christian community on the words of Jesus’ parable of the Great Feast in Luke 14.  This parable acts as a constant challenge to us about the nature of welcome and hospitality by raising fundamental questions regarding those people who are accepted or rejected by our society.  The Kingdom of God, Jesus tells us, reverses the order of priorities.  Our Street Banquets offer a welcome, good food and Christian fellowship to all who come. Worship sometimes forms part of the event.

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