Praying With Those Who Wait: 22-26 November 2022

URC:Spirituality are pleased to be publicising its upcoming online week of events: “Praying With Those Who Wait”. This week of free sessions will look at the, perhaps, more unheard areas of Christ’s Advent. This will take place in 3 sessions each day, from Tuesday 22nd-Saturday 26th November 2022. Each session is independent so feel free to attend one, some or all of them on Zoom.

A week of online sessions exploring characters and scenarios on the edge of Christ’s advent. Hosted by URC:Spirituality. The sessions are independent so feel free to come to one, some or all of them!

Each morning, beginning on Tuesday 22nd November, there will be a short morning prayer time to start the day. This is a perfect way to begin your day in a contemplative way, giving whatever you may be up to that day over to God.

At lunchtime, 12:30pm each day, we have a series of sessions run by various people from the URC:Spriituality core group and beyond. Exploring largely unseen characters, or picking up on largely unexplored themes.

In the evenings, 7:30pm each day, we welcome guest speakers from across the breadth of spirituality as we continue to explore these characters and themes. These will be largely discussion-based and will finish with a short time of prayer to close the day.

Whilst run by URC:Spirituality, the themes being explored span the whole Christian tradition. Friends from across the Christian tradition, both in the UK and abroad, are most welcome to join this free event.

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The sessions will be held on Zoom, hosted by Media for Ministry. Media for Ministry has had a longstanding friendship with URC:Spirituality. Since first supporting “Streams in the Wilderness” back in May 2021, their expertise and sensitivity makes them a perfect fit with URC:Spirituality. Some of the M4M team have led sessions at past events.

With every blessing,



Director, Media for Ministry