Lent Eco Challenge

Eco-Challenge for LentEco Challenge for Lent 2020 at The Church at Carrs lane

Our Eco-Church Group has produced a Lent Eco-Challenge for anyone who would like to join in.

Download the flier

This Lent why not take our eco-challenge? Below are some ideas to help make your lifestyle greener and shrink your carbon footprint. Try one or more of the challenges during Lent and see how you get on.

  1. Go vegetarian or vegan.
  2. Reduce plastic waste. Avoid buying plastic wrapped food or food in plastic cartons. Reduce plastic use in the bathroom.
  3. Reduce food waste. Use all the food you buy before it turns bad. Cook through the food in your freezer and pantry. Cook from scratch.
  4. Reduce domestic power consumption by 10% or more. Consider only ironing items that are absolutely necessary, spend less time in the shower, turn your thermostat down a degree, turn the kettle off as soon as it boils. Take meter readings from today and compare average use before and during Lent.
  5. De-clutter your house. Fill at least one bag a week and take it to the charity shop or recycle in some way.
  6. Try the 100mile diet. For Lent, source only ingredients that come from within a 100mile radius of your home.
  7. Try a digital detox. Set strict limits for use of your mobile phone and other personal electronic devices, e.g. designate certain time slots for checking emails and social media.
At the end of Lent we would love your feedback.
  • What was easy?
  • What was challenging?
  • How did you achieve your goal(s)?
  • How can we use our experience to help others?