Journey Magazine

Journey with the Church at Carrs Lane

Journey is the magazine of The Church at Carrs Lane, published four times a year.

We hold an archive of past copies if you are interested in a previous issue. Issues since 2016 are available electronically as a PDF file. In addition, we have an archive of ‘The Carrs Lane Manual’ if you are interested in the history of the Church at Carrs Lane. Please contact if you want to access these resources.

Spring 2021 Issue: Open to God, Open to Justice

The Spring issue is on the theme ‘Open to God, Open to Justice’ –  a time for courage, determination, action and hope.

Read Journey as an online magazine

Download a PDF of Spring 2021 Journey

Winter Issue: Waiting, Accepting, Journeying

The Winter issue looks at being in a time of waiting and isolation, yet still being together despite ‘distance’.

Download the PDF of Journey (Winter 2020)

Autumn Issue: We hold on to Hope

The Autumn issue included reflections on living in a time of the coronavirus Covid-19! The issue included different perspectives on ‘Lockdown’ and stories of supporting others.

Summer 2020: Covid 19

The Summer issue was on the theme ‘We hold on to Hope’ and focused on living in a time of Covid-19. Different people shared their experiences of challenge and discovering new things.

Spring 2020: Lent

The Spring issue was on the theme of Lent, with articles on Working Positively Together, Reflections on Lent; The Church’s Golden Anniversary in its new building, Lent activities, the Eco Lent Challenge, Christian Aid, Fair Trade and Events. Download the Spring 2020 issue.

Winter 2019-2020

Front cover of the Winter 2019 issue of Journey with a colourful picture of a star on the coverThe Winter issue, on the theme “Welcoming Hope”, touched on human rights, the work of Christian Aid and ‘Green Matters’. The issue includes reports about the Carrs Lane Lectures, our exchange with a choir in Germany, and the annual walking weekend. Learn also about one person’s life with dyslexia, another’s tussle with the carol ‘Away in a Manger’, and a poet’s reflection on letting life get a word in edgewise. Details about Christmas music and carol concerts, as well as our services in Advent and at Christmas, are also included.

Autumn 2019

Journey, the quarterly journal of The Church at Carrs LaneThe theme of the Autumn issue (September-November) is “Good news for God’s earth?” We look at responsible living both as church and individuals. Different people tell how they became concerned about more sustainable ways of living and how they are trying to become better stewards of the earth’s resources. We catch up with Traidcraft (Fair Trade), Tabor House, Commitment for Life and provide useful tips and hints for recycling your household waste.

Summer 2019

Journey, the Summer issue of the quarterly magazine of The Church at Carrs LaneThe theme of the Summer issue highlights that we meet diversity in many ways.  We hope that you will enjoy reading about different people’s “Experiences of Diversity”. In her pastoral letter, Deacon Ruth Yorke introduces how these experiences and knowledge of others’ situations can be a cause for celebration or challenge.