Carrs Lane Lectures in Radical Christian Faith

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We are gradually adding our podcasts of ‘Carrs Lane Lectures in Radical Christian Faith’. You can now download podcasts for 2015 and 2016, or listen to them by playing them direct from our website.


Belonging without Believing: Canon Brian Mountford, Vicar of The University Church, Oxford and Revd Dr Harriet Harris, Chaplain at The University of Edinburgh

Download Lecture 1: ‘Christian Atheism’ by Canon Brian Mountford

Download lecture 2: The Tears and Laughter of God, by Revd Dr Harriet Harris

Download the Questions and Answers session

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We hold on to HOPE

In these challenging times when we are physically separated from each other, we hold each other in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to be together in spirit and in hope.   This is the message we proclaim to the city and share amongst ourselves…and with you.

We invite you to join us at the Church at Carrs Lane at 10.30am every Sunday morning.  Details at

We also are live streaming weekday prayers, currently at 8.30am on Monday to Friday morning and Monday to Thursday evening at 7pm.      You can watch live, or later at

They are set to ‘public’ so you don’t need a Facebook account to be able to watch and pray with us.

We hold on to HOPE together!

Eco Challenge for Lent 2020 at The Church at Carrs lane

Lent Eco Challenge

Eco-Challenge for LentEco Challenge for Lent 2020 at The Church at Carrs lane

Our Eco-Church Group has produced a Lent Eco-Challenge for anyone who would like to join in.

Download the flier

This Lent why not take our eco-challenge? Below are some ideas to help make your lifestyle greener and shrink your carbon footprint. Try one or more of the challenges during Lent and see how you get on.

  1. Go vegetarian or vegan.
  2. Reduce plastic waste. Avoid buying plastic wrapped food or food in plastic cartons. Reduce plastic use in the bathroom.
  3. Reduce food waste. Use all the food you buy before it turns bad. Cook through the food in your freezer and pantry. Cook from scratch.
  4. Reduce domestic power consumption by 10% or more. Consider only ironing items that are absolutely necessary, spend less time in the shower, turn your thermostat down a degree, turn the kettle off as soon as it boils. Take meter readings from today and compare average use before and during Lent.
  5. De-clutter your house. Fill at least one bag a week and take it to the charity shop or recycle in some way.
  6. Try the 100mile diet. For Lent, source only ingredients that come from within a 100mile radius of your home.
  7. Try a digital detox. Set strict limits for use of your mobile phone and other personal electronic devices, e.g. designate certain time slots for checking emails and social media.
At the end of Lent we would love your feedback.
  • What was easy?
  • What was challenging?
  • How did you achieve your goal(s)?
  • How can we use our experience to help others?
Eco Church Bronze Award 2019 gained by The Church at Carrs Lane

Eco Church Status Achieved

Bronze Award Winner 2019

Becoming an Eco Church has been an aim of The Church at Carrs Lane for some time. We have worked hard over the past year to improve our performance with recycling activities and caring for God’s earth in different areas of our life and work.

The Eco Group responsible for helping us to improve submitted an OnA Rocha Eco Church Bronze Award 2019line Eco Survey recently. The survey took us through five key areas of church life:

  • Worship and teaching
  • Management of church buildings
  • Management of church land
  • Community and global engagement
  • Lifestyle

… and the good news is that The Church at Carrs Lane has been awarded the Bronze Award. We are now entitled to display the bronze award on our publicity materials.

Visit the Eco Church website to discover more.

A Rocha UK “provide free, Eco Church resources to give lots of support and advice about how to make the changes your church needs to become an Eco Church. There are three levels of Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold. In order to qualify for an Award you must attain the required standard in each of the areas covered by the Eco Survey that apply to your church (some churches do not have buildings or land). You can see when you have gained sufficient points in each Eco Survey category by looking at the points gauges that appear on screen with the Eco Survey questions. The gauges will change colour as your points accumulate to reflect the level of Award you have achieved.”

Coffee on Fridays!


Come and join us for coffee and a chat on Friday mornings between 10.30 am and 12 noon.

You will be very welcome!