The Church provides an excellent space for exhibitions; the worship room is large, open and relatively unadorned.  There is an exhibition every year.

In 2012 we hosted Bald Statements, a Grant-in-Kind made by The Westhill Endowment, comprising a series of eight alabaster sculptures illustrating the emotional journey through loss and grief.  Jean Parker, the sculptor, joined us for the opening and shared her story.

The 2015 exhibition, held in September, was SILENT VOICES, a series of photographs showing daily life in the village of Bil’in in the Occupied West Bank of Palestine, through the eyes of children who live there.

In 2013, Elizabeth Gray-King exhibited nine of her paintings.  She called the exhibition Knowing Longing.  Elizabeth joined us for the opening weekend, talking on the Friday evening about what inspires her and how she works.  She offered two workshops on the Saturday and led worship on the following Sunday, using her images to inspire reflection and prayer.

Many of us were so inspired that we commissioned Elizabeth to make a work for us to celebrate the church’s new identity as an ecumenical partnership.  During the year, she has visited us several times as she worked on the piece.  It is called Tabernacle and was dedicated in worship on Advent Sunday, 30th November 2014.