Urgent Stock Clearance – Week 2


Significant discount of 25% or 50% off the listed prices for those food items beyond their “best before” date.

Download list of food items (PDF)

Download list of craft items (PDF)

Further to the advice circulated last week regarding the closure of the shop on Dec 31st, we are pleased to report that a number of you have placed your orders for food and cleaning materials.

But we need more significant orders to clear everything by Christmas so please look again at the updated list and keep your orders coming! This is an urgent plea for everyone to find a reason to spend. There is no need to limit yourselves to the little you need now; just find room to stock up for the coming months.

To purchase from either of the attached lists you do not need to attend the church premises.

Orders should be sent to Joan Duffield, preferably by email to dandjduffield@outlook.com or by phone 0121 444 5479.

Arrangements for home delivery (provided convenient) or collection (from Kings Heath or the church) will be made individually with all respondents, and the amount payable (to Carrs Lane Fair Trade) will be advised at the same time, actual payment being due upon delivery or collection.

Craft items – Download the list of craft items.

Viewing is normally an essential part of the process of purchasing such items. All craft items are displayed in the centre cabinet of the shop at church, so if you visit the premises 9am-5pm you can view them. Where practical to do so, catalogue references appear on the list (AW=Autumn/Winter 2019; S=Summer 2020). You can also view items on the Traidcraft website or ask for details of the photographs we have taken of the display cabinets.

Joan Davies is operating as a Fair Trader for Traidcraft products from home. She orders items from Traidcraft that are not available from our stock. Ordering through her avoids any potential delivery charge. You can also order directly from Traidcraft on 0191 491 0855 or visit their website, but please help us to clear our stocks first.

All the proceeds resulting from this urgent stock clearance increase the final amount that will be donated to Traidcraft Exchange at the end of this year. The potential value of our existing stocks is in the region of £2500! With the shop closing on 31st Dec only 10 weeks remain to clear our shelves, so there is urgent action required to achieve this.

Thank you for your continuing support of our shop and Traidcraft.

Carrs Lane Fair Trade Shop Committee