Stock Clearance – Week 1

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Dear Friends,

The impact of the shop having been closed for the last six months, plus the ongoing restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has forced upon us the difficult decision to formally close the shop activities by 31st December this year. It is physically impossible to continue to operate our retail outlet from the church premises with all the obligatory restrictions in place. We realise this decision is an unhappy event for many and must record our thanks to all those who have laboured long and hard to maintain the activity, Joan Davies in particular.

Most of you will be aware that during the last six months Joan has been operating as a Fair Trader for Traidcraft products from home, and she is prepared to continue this service. She only orders items from Traidcraft when requested, and ordering through her avoids any potential delivery charge. Of course, anyone is able to order directly themselves either by phone on 0191 491 0855 or from the website and those who have done so report that the system works efficiently.

Although we will be closing the shop it does in no way mean that The Church at Carrs Lane is abandoning its support in principle of either Traidcraft or Fair Trade in general, and this is a matter that will be addressed  in due course by elders.

In the meantime, there is an urgent need to sell our remaining stock as soon as possible, and certainly by Christmas. With that in mind, we plan to send by email (and by post to those who might request it) frequent lists of all those items that are available, with an encouraging message for you all to buy as much as you want (first come first served).

Traidcraft fair trade logo in geen and yellowThere will be two separate lists, the first of which covers all food, drink and cleaning materials.

Download Closing Down Stocklist 1: Food, drink and cleaning materials

These items require only a basic description and price for you to decide upon your purchases, but as some of them are beyond their “best before date” and some are very close to it, to make you aware they have been identified in red and will be subject to a 50% discount. A “best before date” only means what it says and does not mean that the item is not then edible, so please do help us to sell as much as we can as soon as we can. Many of the items carry dates well into 2021 (even the Easter Eggs), so please stock up your larders and store cupboards and help us to clear our shelves of all these items before Christmas.

All the proceeds resulting from these sales increase the final amount that will be donated to Traidcraft Exchange at the end of the year.

To purchase from the list of stock, you do not need to attend the church premises. Orders should be sent to Joan Duffield, preferably by email to or by phone 0121 444 5479. Arrangements for home delivery (provided convenient) or collection (from Kings Heath) will be made individually with all respondents, and the amount payable will be advised at the same time, actual payment being due upon delivery or collection.

The second list of Craft items

This will be dealt with separately and is more difficult to arrange as viewing is normally an essential part of the process. At the present time all craft items are displayed in the centre cabinet of the shop at church, so if you visit the (now open) premises you can view them. Apart from that we are having to explore other ways for you to identify items remotely, from catalogues or the Traidcraft website, or from photographs of the display cabinets. More information on that will come later.

Thank you for your continuing support of our shop and Traidcraft.

Carrs Lane Fair Trade Shop Committee

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