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Recruiting a Volunteer Fair Trade Shop Administrator

Carrs Lane Fair Trade Shop logo in blue and green

The Administrator provides administrative support for Carrs Lane Fair Trade Shop, including marketing which can be developed by the person in the role. The Fair Trade Shop is run and led by volunteers and coordinated by a volunteer manager. The shop opens Wednesday to Saturday from 10.30am-2.30pm. The voluntary administrator role involves 4-5 hours per week during office opening times 9am-5pm. The shop is in the premises of The Church at Carrs Lane and Carrs Lane Conference Centre B4 7SX (close to Moor Street Station).

Main Tasks:

  • To support marketing of the shop. Currently this includes designing and laminating posters. It could include the development of social media (FB page, Twitter, Instagram) for publicity purposes;
  • To ensure a supply of stationery, forms and other paperwork;
  • To ensure that small items of equipment are maintained for use by the sales volunteers (e.g. pricing “gun”);
  • To prepare the agenda, with the help of the Fair Trade Shop Manager, for Carrs Lane Fair Trade committee meetings approximately six times per year, and to take part in these meetings ;
  • To check and respond to emails and keep up-to-date with enquiries to ensure the smooth running of the shop.

The role is suitable for someone who is able to work independently but also enjoys working with others.