Frequently asked questions

The following questions and answers may be helpful.

If you want to know more, or discuss your requirements, contact our bookings team on 0121 643 6151, use our enquiry form or alternatively email .

1. How do we book a room?

The most effective way is to phone 0121 643 6151 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, to speak to our friendly and helpful booking team. Alternatively, please complete our enquiry form or email informing the booking team of your requirements.

2. We’ve not booked a room here before, do we have to do anything special?

If your organisation has not hired rooms with us then please complete a New Hirers Application FormThe New Hirers Application Form will allow us to gain more information on your organisation and the type of meeting you wish to hold at the conference centre. Please enquire about hiring a suitable meeting room via the enquiry form, telephone or email and then email with your completed New Hirers Application Form. 

3. What does it mean by maximum capacity?

It is the maximum number of people possible to have safely and sensibly in each room. If you make the most of any of our equipment or catering offers, this number may decrease. The booking team will help you work out which combination of facilities and resources you need.

4. Do room hire and other prices include VAT?

There is no VAT on room hire. Hire of equipment, and catering services, are subject to VAT, and our price lists show prices with VAT included.

5. Can we arrange our own catering or bring sandwiches?

We offer a wide range of catering options, take a look at our latest catering menu, but if you wish to supply your own, you can do so by prior arrangement.There is a an additional charge per person to cover caretaking costs. Note: the main foyer or any room not hired must not be used as an eating area.

6. Can we park at the Conference Centre?

Yes, there are limited spaces available on a daily basis that are paid for on arrival. Spaces are allocated on the day on a first come first served basis. Disabled spaces can be requested, subject to availability on the day.  Alternatively, we are well served by public transport which we would encourage you to use as it is easy to find us by foot. For full information on parking and transport, see our Travel page.

7. What are the session times?

Morning 9:00am-12:45pm

Afternoon 1:15pm-5:00pm (4:30pm Saturdays)

Evening 6:00pm-9:30pm

All day: 9:00am – 5:00pm (4:30pm Saturdays)

If your use of the room is likely to exceed those times, please speak to our staff, who will be able to help you.

8. Are all rooms fully accessible?

Rooms on the main and lower ground floors have disabled access, but rooms on the upper floor are accessed only via a staircase. For detailed information on accessibility see the Rooms with street-level access page.

9. Is there a discount for charities?

Yes, a 10% discount is currently available on daytime room hire prices. A discount of  50% will be also be available on evening room hire prices to registered charities or small ‘not for profit’ societies.