Church Meetings 2021

Dates of regular Church Meetings on the third Sunday of the month in 2021


17 January:

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21 February

21 March

18 April

16 May

20 June

18 July

(August – no meeting)

19 September

17 October

21 November

19 December

Church Meetings are usually held monthly on the third Sunday and are open to all. As far as possible, they will always be inclusive of all expressions of church. A quorum of 25% of church members is required for the meeting to be properly constituted.

Decision making at this meeting is generally by consensus. However, the Church Meeting retains the right to take formal votes of church members present, especially in the case of the call of the United Reformed Church minister. According to sections 9-21 of the Constitution, there is also provision for a Special Church Meeting, called as necessary to deal with any single issue.