Thinking Allowed Group

Thinking Allowed – About us

Thinking Allowed usually meets on the first Thursday of every month at 10.15am at The Church at Carrs Lane.  It is an informal gathering that began life as The Doubters’ Group many years ago when the church was Carrs Lane United Reformed Church.

There is usually a theme for the year which is agreed at the December meeting and published by the beginning of January.     Our theme for 2020 was ‘Making a Difference?’  Unfortunately the difference was beyond our control and, due to Covid 19,  these sessions did not take place after March 5th.  We will resume as soon as it is possible.  In the meantime, if you’re interested you can download THINKING ALLOWED 2020 plan here

The Collage of Godwas our focus in 2019; we thought about ‘Living as if…’ in 2018.  In 2017, we focused our conversations around ‘Liberal Evangelism: an Oxymoron? and other recent themes have included:  ‘Christian Community – Myth or Reality?’;  ‘Belief and Disbelief: How much can you doubt and still be a Christian?’; ‘Hope for the Future?’ and ‘Jesus Now?’

This is not exclusively a Carrs Lane group and everyone is welcome.

The current year:  The Thinking Allowed sessions were halted by the pandemic in March 2020 and have not yet resumed for safety reasons.  It is hoped to meet again soon.

Meetings offer a chance to air ideas that generally seem to fall outside a traditional view of Christianity.  It is truly ‘thinking allowed’ but also involves ‘thinking aloud’!  We are ready to share our questions about God and faith; we don’t often have answers but share in a search for understanding.

In the past, we have taken as our focus books by Karen Armstrong, Gerard Hughes, John Campbell and Philip Pulman.  At other times we have looked at the beliefs of other faiths.  We have also followed up issues raised by the Carrs Lane Lectures on Radical Christian Faith.  It is a very informal group, where everyone’s view is given weight and value.


For more information, contact Julie Grove   (If this link does not work with your device, please right click to copy the link and paste it into the ‘To’ box of your email programme.)


Telephone: 0121 643 6151