Carrs Lane Lived Community, the latest adventure in residential community at the Church at Carrs Lane, came into being at the beginning of September 2013. We are a small group of people attempting to live together as a Christian Community at the heart of a busy city. Our community life is built around a rhythm of daily prayer, a shared life together, openness to others in hospitality and service to the city in which we live, pray and work.

The small ecumenical community currently has three members, with others also planning to join us for shorter periods of time. We are always open to discussing and exploring with those who feel they may have a calling to this way of life.

Choosing to try and live this life does not make us stronger or better than anyone else, rather we live in community as weak and fragile people. Our life together is sustained first and foremost by entering into a relationship with a God who loves us more deeply than we can ever understand or imagine, and by an attentiveness to the needs and gifts of one another. We are attempting to live a challenging life which is only possible because we know that we are loved by a Trinitarian God who calls us into relationship with himself and one another.

Our community agreement, which tries to express something of our vision and life, can be read by clicking the link below:

The community also has its own website where you can find out more, as well as a presence on Facebook and Twitter where you can keep up to date with our activities.

If you are in anyway interested in what we are attempting to live, we would love to hear from you.

Do please come and join us for our prayers, all of which are public. Or get in touch with us by email, Twitter or Facebook.


Prayer is at the heart of the community’s shared life together. As a Christian Community the source of our life together and the strength to live as a community bound by love is found in our relationship with a God who has loved us first. As such, our first vocation as a community is to pray together, intentionally putting ourselves in the presence of God. Everything else we do, and live and are, grows out of by this. Little by little, together, we hope to dare to allow God’s unconditional love to shape what we, individually and collectively, might become.

Twice daily prayers create the structure around which our community life is built.  All the prayers are open and public so we invite you to join us whenever you are able. Please also read the next paragraph about our summer break.

  • Morning Prayer: 8.30am, Monday to Friday
  • Tuesday evenings: Prayer at 6.30pm on Facebook Live, followed by a bible discussion from 7-8pm on Zoom. The discussion is based on a pre-recorded reflection that is usually available to watch beforehand. Contact the community for details to join this on

As the space in which we open ourselves to experience the  unconditional love of God, silence is an essential element of our community prayer. As something which, in a world of noise, it is common to shy away from, we hope that silence is one of the potential gifts this community has to offer to the city: a silence that is a space of trust and not of fear.

Some of the resources we use during our times of prayer can be downloaded from the community website, where details of themes and seasons are also kept up-to-date.

Our Ministry

Joining the community involves a commitment, first and foremost, to a shared life together built around a routine of daily prayer. As part of our commitment to one another, all income is held in common. All community members commit to working in paid employment for a maximum of three days a week, thereby liberating time for other ministry within the community and within the city. This includes organising the prayers, providing a warm welcome and listening ear, and involvement in a variety of voluntary service.

Living as a Christian Community allows us to experience the love of God and the love of others, a love which inspires us to turn towards others. We aim not to be a closed group concerned only with itself and our own relationships with one another. Together, we look outwards. Our community commitment calls us to look beyond ourselves, in providing hospitality to others and in serving the city in which we live work and pray.

Hospitality is one of the core values of the community and a spirit of welcome is integral to our life together. We aspire for our home to be a place where others feel welcome and have often found opportunities to share our table with others.

The community’s voluntary service thus far has been diverse; including both long term commitments to projects and shorter term interventions in time-specific campaigns. We have responded to local needs as well as engaging more widely with national and global issues. In all its diversity, we aim for our voluntary service to be a response to the Gospel call to be mindful of the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Examples so far include working with asylum seekers and refugees, supporting fair trade, campaigning against the arms trade, community gardening in deprived parts of the city, speaking out against the growth of hunger and poverty in the UK, and many more.