Gretta Vosper DVDs

‘…beyond Beliefs that Divide’

A weekend in Birmingham with Gretta Vosper and Scott Kearns at The Church at Carrs Lane and the Unitarian New Meeting Church.

A chance to see and hear Gretta, the courageous (or reckless?) self-declared atheist minister of West Hill Church in Toronto, Canada, as she and her husband/partner in crime Scott engagingly articulate their backgrounds and current ministries to West Hill.

Hear how the United Church of Canada, reputedly a progressive governing body, is agonising over these ‘thorns’ in the theological flesh and how to proceed.

The discs include samples of Scott’s original, inspiring songs and extracts from the concluding Sunday service led by Gretta at a nearby Unitarian Church.

4½ hours of honest to godless value at £15 including p&p. 

Available from Chris Avis at 37 Clifton Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 2BN.  Cheques payable to C. Avis, please.  Or order via Paypal using for your payment (no Paypal account needed).

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